Poppies Seeds - How to Water Your Plants

Poppies may need water until established

When it comes to growing poppies seeds there are not many concerns that you need to have as most varieties will thrive and flower easily. Once you've sown the seeds, carefully pricked out the resulting seedlings, grown them on in pots and then planted them out there is very little you need to do to make sure they succeed. Deadheading is of course important to prolong each plants flowering season. Additionally, watering is also vital, especially if you're experiencing a drought.

You may consider that watering is not an area which needs much thought or consideration, but with changing climates it is essential to water poppies as economically as possible. You want to ensure that each plant gets the essential life-force to grow but that you don't waste water by chucking it around or watering at the wrong times. For this reason, when it comes to watering your poppies seeds, there are few important pointers to remember.

Whether you're watering by sprinkler system or watering-can it is important to water plants at the correct time of day. Not only will this allow as much moisture as possible to soak into the soil but it will also have a profound effect on your plants. Try to avoid watering at midday or during the hottest parts of the day as much of your efforts will simply be evaporated away. This is especially true of sprinklers, with water evaporating in the air before it even hits the soil. In addition, water landing on the leaves of plants can actually scorch and burn foliage because of the extent of the suns heat evaporating liquid. The best time to water is in the evenings or the early mornings before the sun has really come out. If you have a timed sprinkler system set it to come on in the early hours of the morning. This will give the garden a good drenching, allowing plants to suck up vital moisture for the day ahead. You will notice great benefits of doing this, with blooms becoming more vibrant and upright as they stand on engorged stems. And by watering several hours before the sun comes up you can ensure that water soaks into the earth as much as possible.

Meanwhile, it is also important to consider how frequently to water poppies seeds. Plants and their roots will respond directly to watering, with frequent and light watering causing specimens to grow a huge network of fine roots at the soil surface. Such a system of roots is not that beneficial to plants as they easily dry out and specimens will become very drought intolerant, needing constant watering to stop them from wilting and dying. Therefore, when watering it is a good idea to give a heavy drenching infrequently. This will cause large amounts of water to soak into the soil, drawing plant's roots down and creating a deeper network which will be able to draw water from the water table. In addition, plants will be more drought tolerant and you'll see notable differences in your garden.

So, whilst you may not initially think it, how you water your poppies seeds is incredibly important and you will need to nurture your purchases from One Stop Poppy Shoppe to get them to thrive. But, by taking time to water early and give a good drenching you'll stand your garden in good stead for long patches of dry weather.