Buy Poppies – Creating the Perfect Poppy Flower Collection

California Poppy 'Jelly Beans'
There’s something about poppy seeds which really starts off a passion and to buy poppies becomes an exciting and thrilling hobby. With so many varieties and families to love there is a great ability to keep collecting for years. Even when you’re close to having as many poppies as possible you may find that new varieties have been created for you to add to your personal collection. And indulging in a poppy collection is a great way to not only have a garden which is exploding with color but to keep your passion for gardening thriving.

If you’re setting out to create a poppy collection then there are a number of considerations to make. You could of course simply buy poppies that you love, making the collection up as you go along. Alternatively you could decide to try and collect as many poppies in one group as possible and with a huge range of varieties in each poppy family you’ll almost always be able to find new species to add. Factoring in the time it takes to grow all your poppies from seed you can easily spend years indulging in this fascinating hobby.

Oriental Poppy 'Fancy Feathers'
To have a garden filled with color you’ll need to collect a few different types of poppy even if eventually you want to specialize in one area. This will allow you to utilize the wonderful different characteristics between plants so that every aspect of your outside space can be enjoyed. California poppy seeds will provide color close to the ground and will suit containers and tubs as well as flowerbeds. Papaver somniferum seeds are highly versatile and will suit a range of aspects allowing you to spread poppy color around your garden and create height at the same time. Tiny alpine and dwarf poppies will add those special touches to rockeries, planters, meadows and paths, while Meconopsis plants will bring dazzling color to even the dampest and shadiest setting. For all collections it is a good idea to have a range of poppies and poppy seeds as a good structural base for you planting. Then, if you want to collect certain groups of poppies, it is easier to do so without worry that flowering could become patchy and seasonal.

For any great collection you should strive to have some of the most popular and traditional types of poppy with a number of additional rarer species. This is particularly pleasing when showing off your collection to guests. Many people will instantly recognize popular species with plants and flowers drawing visitors towards them. The joy of poppy collecting is that you can then show off your rarer species and plants, specimens which perhaps your guests would have not ever recognized.

Collecting plants is a fantastic hobby and one that is constantly changing. Poppies will continue to grow, thrive, flower and seed themselves and so rather than having a static object your collection will mature and change over the years. And once you buy poppies you’ll soon discover their truly appealing nature and will find it difficult to ever stop collecting.

Papaver somniferum 'Album'